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Today’s Functional Print: Drawer Hardware

In today’s “we’re living in the future” news, I bought a dresser for only ten dollars because none of the drawers slid smoothly, and I printed replacement drawer slides, returning the dresser to a fully functional state. (The original slides that came with the dresser were all broken for unknown reasons.)

The hardware I printed is a suitable replacement for the Rite Track brand Kenlin socket and case runner. Each set’s retail value is approximately $4.90, and because I needed eight of them, I saved $39.20.

This is the socket that attaches to the drawer:


It was printed in two pieces and glued together to avoid needing to print excessive amounts of support material.


Here it is in place:


And here’s the corresponding runner that it fits into on the under-drawer metal bar:


The SketchUp models and STL files are available on GitHub.


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