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Add-On-Con 2009

Just a note that I’ll be at the 2nd annual Add-On-Con this week in Mountain View, CA. Add-on Con is a gathering of browser add-on developers and representatives from the browser vendors (Mozilla, Google, and Microsoft).

I’ll be participating in the opening keynote discussion, which will address the question, “Do Add-ons Need a Marketplace?” The other keynote participants will be representatives from Mozilla, Microsoft, XMarks, and FoxyProxy, so I’m obviously there to even out the low end of the curve. Anyone know any good knock-knock jokes I can use?

I’ll also be sitting on a Mozilla panel as a token add-on developer, talking and answering questions about how to develop a successful add-on. (On an unrelated note, if you know how to develop a successful add-on, please contact me ASAP.)

Will you be at the conference? Let me know!


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