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Food In Real Life

I’ve started a new project that I’m calling Food In Real Life. The idea is that I take pictures of real food that I’m about to eat, compare them to the pictures on the food’s packaging, and then dole out scores for the food’s appearance (compared to the packaging) and taste like I’m some kind of Olympic food judge.

For example, here’s a comparison I did of Antioch Farms Chicken Kiev:

Looks: While the color and texture are almost identical, the chicken kiev pictured on the box
is about 50% longer than the ones found inside. (There is no way that the sliced and unsliced
portions on the box belong to the same kiev.) The butter sauce is portrayed accurately, even
though my picture doesn’t really show it. (It’s boiling-lava hot, so slicing the chicken without
splashing butter magma everywhere was a challenge.) 4 out of 5

I’d love any feedback you have on the idea or the execution of the site.


11 comments on “Food In Real Life

  1. Terrific concept and execution! I particularly enjoyed the style in which you wrote the reviews. You should add a donation box (for future food in real life), and allow readers to vote on what foods you try next. :)

  2. Shaun says:

    Admit it… you are doing this squarely for the purpose of writing-off junk food as a “business expense”; and if you aren’t, you should.

  3. Matt says:

    Lean Cuisine (barf) is a good one – the packaging vs. actuality is totally laughable. Hungry-Man “sandwiches” would be interesting too.

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