My BFF Selena Gomez

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been getting occasional IMs and e-mails from what I can only assume are tween-age girls, asking if I work for Facebook. (“I need to talk to Facebook Team about something important, very important.”) I mostly ignored the emails, assuming that some version of a “facebook employee” Google search ended up at my site, prompting these kids to think that I work there.

However, the most recent e-mail I received included this line:

“I see your email on Sezzer Gomez’s photos. Are you Christopher Finke, the facebook team??”

This piqued my curiousity, so I did a search for “Sezzer Gomez,” assuming it was a blogger somewhere that had posted an image that contained my email address. It turns out that “Sezzer” is short for “Selena,” as in Disney tween idol Selena Gomez. My search led me to this Facebook page, for “The Official Sezzer Gomez,” who, in a bid to prove that she/he is actually Selena Gomez, posted a poorly photoshopped letter from Facebook that purported to be written by me (but strangely, was signed by Mark Howitson, one of Facebook’s lawyers). (The letter was photoshopped from the takedown notice I received from Facebook a couple of years ago.)

The contents of the letter are hilarious:

“We’ve received a complain up straight to your phone, that since you’ve joined Facebook, all of your accounts got either hacked or deleted for our system.”

Sounds legit to me; I know that when I joined Facebook, I too had all of my accounts hacked and/or deleted from Facebook’s system. Straight up to my phone!

P.S. “Straight up to my phone” is the new “Word to your mother.”


18 comments on “My BFF Selena Gomez

  1. ju says:

    yeah there’s a lot of poser nowadays. selena gomez said that all Sezzer Gomez are all fake completely. nobody called her sezzer b4, so why should she?

  2. crystal says:

    all of thos posers better stop u think u r smart but when ur fans add u they admire the real selena gomez or anybody else!!! u know god will get u stars r here to get a life i mean have a life 4 a cereer they sing u could do that to some day if u believe in yourself never give up your dreams, they never did and look where they are now and even later that is what i always tell myself and i believed myself and now im in a camercial im only 12 years and im living my dream!!!!
    so plz stop even if u dont like us plz dont try to pull that off by making fake fake videos to ambarras us or something plz dont our fans inmire us i mean we our role models i mean u could be a role model too just dont never, ever give up your dream

    (= good luck.

    from* lauren marie duran

  3. crystal says:

    you must be wondering y we have different names well my sister did the writing and i did the name but i had to go some where so she finished it and forgot to fix the name lol


    crystal duran

  4. hello I’m your biggest fan selena 1, I speak Spanish but I have the google translator Jeeep, well you sing well you’re an actress re very good you’re a famous ideal for girls I Love You Friends .. ♥ ♥ ♥

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