Corndog bait and switch

“Yum,” said Chris. “I love mini-corndogs! And with 60 of them in this box, it’s such a great deal!”

“Oh no!” said Chris. “Someone has replaced my mini-corndogs with mini-corndogballs. This 60-count box no longer appears to be so affordable!”

“These do not look like the product pictured on the box,” said Chris. “Not even close.”


5 comments on “Corndog bait and switch

  1. Jack says:

    I eat these all the time. You’re right, they aren’t shaped like the ones on the box.

    Anyways, I recommend the ones with cheese in them.

  2. corn dog aficionado says:

    What did you expect? Essentially every product packaging photo is enlarged or enhanced to show detail as this one notes. Though the shape is not accurate, it clearly states that the photo is not actual size. Perhaps you should base your purchase value on practical information, such as the 30 ounce net weight that is prominently displayed on the box.

  3. Julia says:

    Maybe these were made in China- look at the description: “…made with beef & pork, turkey” what kind of English is that?

  4. Jon says:

    We sell these corn dogs at Sam’s Club in an 80 count box locally for $7.87 and the picture on the box is exactly the same. I’m familiar with this product since I’ve demonstrated this product and seen it demoed by others. It is possible that the the photo for the box was doctored, but my opinion is that the photo is of a product that doesn’t even exist. It would take some real good doctoring to get that the product really look like to look like what’s on the box.

    No they are not made in China; State Fair is a brand name of “Sara Lee”. Sara Lee has manufacturing plants throughout the U.S. and based in Downers Grove, Illinois.

    If you want a real reason not to buy them take a look at the nutritional information.

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