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URL Fixer now compatible with Fennec (Mobile Firefox)

Update: URL Fixer was acquired and is now hosted at

Screenshot of URL Fixer being used in Fennec, the mobile Firefox browser

Fennec is the codename for Mozilla’s work-in-progress mobile browser for phones and smaller computing devices, and since it supports extensions just like Firefox, I’ve started adding Fennec compatibility to the extensions I’ve written (when it makes sense).

URL Fixer version 1.5 is fully Fennec-compatible. I think it’s even more useful in Fennec than in Firefox, given the ease with which one can fat-finger a touch-screen or mini-qwerty keyboard versus on a full-size computer keyboard.

(The screenshot above is from Fennec running on Mac OSX, so your visual results may vary depending on your device.)


2 comments on “URL Fixer now compatible with Fennec (Mobile Firefox)

  1. Dong says:

    Hey, I tried it with Fennec Beta 1 on Windows XP. Unfortunately it didn’t work. Maybe there is some compatibility issue between fennec beta and alpha versions?

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