4 comments on “Firefox’s memory usage is out of control

  1. I consistently have this same problem with FF3. I don’t get how their footprint has gotten so out of control since v1, it was amazing back then! Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad and you never really know. Right now I have 9 tabs open at 90M.

    Too bad you don’t have Windows, then at least you could cycle most of your tabs through Chrome which recycles the memory every time you close a tab. Then again, you’re on an Apple so you’ve got 10x less worry on average than we Windows users anyway ;)

  2. thanos says:

    this is not a FF problem, it happens when many applications aquire over 2GBof RAM.
    I experience it in Photoshop CS3 on Mac os x 10.4.11, others have the same in Illustrator others with music software, others with Databases e.t.c.
    It’s definitely a OS or RAM chip problem…
    I have no solution for it though.
    Good luck

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