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TubeStop reviews requested

Notice: TubeStop was discontinued on December 25, 2012 and is no longer supported.

I’ve finally uploaded TubeStop to Mozilla Add-ons, but it can’t be brought out of the sandbox (protected area for untrusted extensions) until it has some reviews and undergoes an editor approval process. If you use TubeStop and find it useful, I’d appreciate it if you’d write a quick review of it over at the Mozilla Addons page for TubeStop so that I can get that process started.


7 comments on “TubeStop reviews requested

  1. Jason says:


    There is a new youtube update and apparently tubestop is no longer working. Can you get around this? Are you planning on a update to tubestop?

    The auto starting of videos is seriously annoying. Often I open multiple tabbed videos at once and then have to go through and pause them to watch them one at a time. =/

  2. Derrick Williams says:

    It was a GREAT addon to Youtube, but now that Youtube has modified the way you watch videos, TubeStop has stopped working….

    Hope your working on an updated version! :D

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