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Facebook Image-to-Email Working Again

I’ve just updated the Facebook Image-to-Email Firefox extension to be compatible with Facebook’s new image generation algorithm. (Facebook Image-to-Email converts e-mail addresses in images to plain text.)

This new version should be a little more robust; if it can’t convert the image to text, it appends a small question mark after the image, rather than just giving up and removing the image completely. Thanks to Gervase and Aaron for their help in finding and fixing this set of bugs.

You can install Facebook Image-to-Email from its homepage. It is compatible with Firefox 1.5 through 3.0a9, Netscape Navigator 9, and Flock.


One comment on “Facebook Image-to-Email Working Again

  1. Thank you for making this!

    What I’d really love is a Facebook app that would export my contacts into a CSV file with email addresses. This is a basic feature that Facebook (unlike about any other contact management site) refuses to provide.

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