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Ok, now store it in the mouse…

The other day, I overheard an older relative refer to the act of copying and pasting something as “storing it in the mouse.” I had never thought of it that way before, but that is probably how it appears to new computer users.

I know that when I press Ctrl+C, I automatically hold my hands differently until I hit Ctrl+V, so I might as well be storing that data in my left hand. Occasionally, while I’m typing, I’ll realize that I’m feeling a little tense and I don’t know why. Usually, it turns out that I copied something and never needed to paste it.

Does anyone else alter their posture based on the contents of their clipboard?


2 comments on “Ok, now store it in the mouse…

  1. Somehow my thumb and middle finger stay put for an Alt+tab and then Shift+Ins (I use Ctrl+Ins and Shift+Ins more often than Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v). Also I use ClipCache Pro to store all things I copy:
    “ClipCache Pro is an easy to use and powerful clipboard extender and a whole lot more! It monitors clipboard activity and aids not only in the management of saved clips, but in cleaning up and modifying those clips in many, many useful ways”.
    When you use a tool like this you stop worrying about what you copied, since you can copy several things, knowing that they are all stored by your Clipboard extender.
    Offtopic: Thanks for making those youtube videos behave like they should! (with TubeStop extension).

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