6 comments on “ScribeFire 1.4.1 Released

  1. Rebecca says:

    Hi there. I just downloaded scribefire and restarted Firefox but unlike all the other Firefox extensions I’ve used, it does not show up in my “tools” menu or anywhere else I can find… I’m sure I’m completely missing something really obvious but it’s not clear how or where I can actually start using it! Thanks.

  2. I do like scribefire and I am getting familiar with pressing the F8 key to get it to pop up. I guess I am so trained to looking for a button that I do not remember to press a key or click on the icon in the lower left.

    Great job with this addon and I look forward to seeing updates to it.

  3. dave says:

    OK here is the answer for using scribefire with Live spaces.

    You must set up e-mail posting!! This is the key!

    Set it up, and answer the secret word.

    So for a live space account at http://yourblog.spaces.live.com the Scribefire
    config would be:
    -Start the add blog wizard
    -use http://yourblog.spaces.live.com for the blog’s URL; when it connects, continue.
    -Pick Live Spaces as the type.
    -Enter the blog name, in this example yourblog as the username. ONLY THE NAME!
    -Enter the secret word NOT YOUR PASSWORD in the password box.

    It should connect now. Worked for me!

    I am surprised no one has replied to this from wordpress??

    Oh yeah, I found the answer here at msdn:


  4. Hey Dave,

    I appreciate the information on connecting to MSN Live Spaces, but that doesn’t work for me. I’ve activated e-mail publishing and followed all of your steps, but no luck. Any suggestions?



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