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Pownce Invites Update

Everyone who requested a Pownce invite yesterday should have received one from me; if you didn’t, let me know, and I’ll resend it. Moreover, I’ve determined how to obtain an infinite number of invites, so if you still want one, let me know in the comments.

Again, here I am on Pownce. So far, I haven’t found much value added in using Pownce over Twitter. Twitter may only do one thing, but it’s dead-simple. Pownce does more, but the added features (sending links, sending events, sending files) clutter what should be a clean interface.

Twitter is so intuitive since its obvious use is to answer the question “What are you doing right now?” Pownce doesn’t display any sort of prompt as to what you’re supposed to do with it other than “Send stuff to your friends.” I’d recommend that they choose a more specific motto like “Build our userbase large enough so that we can get bought out by Twitter or Jaiku.”


15 comments on “Pownce Invites Update

  1. If you still have invites, I’d appreciate one greatly. I don’t think I’m sold on the idea of the service, but it’s a bit hard to tell when I can’t try it out in person ;)

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