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Feed Statistics: Now with fewer bots!

Note: Feed Statistics has been discontinued and is no longer supported.

I’ve updated the Feed Statistics plugin for WordPress again, this time to stop it from counting bots as users. If you’ve been running the plugin already, it will take a few days for the bots already counted as users to filter out. So your subscriber count may drop a little, but on the plus side, the plugin will now count subscribers represented by Yahoo!’s FeedSeeker bot, which reports its subscriber count in a slightly different format than other feedbots.

There are also a few small performance upgrades in this version (1.0.2), but I haven’t been able to duplicate the “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error” error some users have been seeing. If you get this error when activating the plugin, e-mail me at chris@efinke.com and we can figure it out together.

Download the zip file of the newest version here, and overwrite feed-statistics.php in your blog’s wp-content/plugins/ directory if you downloaded an earlier version. If you’re downloading it for the first time, just copy it to that directory and activate it from the Plugin administration menu.


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