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Is Digg hiding stories from search?

This link to the Navigator 9 download page was submitted to Digg around noon on Tuesday and received 10 diggs over the next 24 hours. A story about a Firefox-based browser release submitted by a top-100 Digger? That sounds like possible front-page material to me – why only 10 diggs? Maybe it’s because the story was excluded from Digg’s search results: it doesn’t appear in results for netscape or navigator. Is it possible that it was buried, and that’s why it’s not in the regular results?

No, it doesn’t appear in the search results for buried stories either. In fact, I can’t find it at all by searching on Digg. Has Digg instituted some sort of double secret probation for stories it doesn’t want its users finding?


4 comments on “Is Digg hiding stories from search?

  1. I think there are some issues with the Digg search process that probably have little to do with Digg politics. The other day I found an interesting story and searched to see if it had been posted. I found no recent results for that fairly unique keyword, so, I began the posting process. When it checked for similar stories, though, it found several that had been posted in the last 24 hours. It seemed that the stories didn’t show up in the regular site search, but somehow popped up in the “similar” search.

    I’d conclude that either there are separate databases or, more likely, that some keyword data is corrupted or missing.

  2. Greg says:

    I had a story that I submitted show up only in search but not on the list of stories in the category it was in. It had 34 diggs but when I went to see if it was one of the most popular in that category it wasn’t on the list?
    Not the same problem as not showing up in search but still odd.

  3. Leah Hills says:

    I think good ol’ Digg IS hiding stories from search. I always wondered about him. You know how sometimes you just get a certain feeling about someone and you can’t quite put your finger on it? Well, that happened to me with Digg. So, that is my conclusion…in all of it’s glorious logic.
    Miss you Chris! (TM)

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