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Links Like This gets some polish

I’ve updated the Links Like This Firefox extension with the following features:

Links Like This is an extension for the Firefox Web browser that allows you to open many links in a page simply by right-clicking on one link and selecting the “Open Links Like This…” option. It will use the link you clicked on as an example of the type of link you want to open.

  • It now pays attention to whether the link you clicked on is already in your history and chooses similar links accordingly.
  • It will no longer open duplicate links.
  • It now removes the red dotted border from the suggested links if you choose not to open them.
  • The confirmation dialog now contains the number of links that are going to be opened. “Open these links?” and “Open these 472 links?” are fundamentally different questions. :-)

You can install the latest version from the Links Like This homepage.


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