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A gift from ages past

My family was in town this week, and my dad brought with him a gift for me. He related to me how they had been doing some cleaning at their church, going through some areas of the old building that had been neglected for far too long, when a staff member came across an interesting item that appeared to be very old.

Despite its age, it was in excellent condition, but it most likely hadn’t been seen by anyone in many years. My dad, knowing my interest in antiques, asked if he could have it to give to me. The other church-worker, apparently unaware of the value of this relic, consented.

So what was this antiquity, this ancient artifact retrieved from the bowels of a church?

A box of ten (10) 3M double-sided, double-density, soft-sector diskettes, still in their original packaging, plastic-wrap and all. And as a bonus, they’re even compatible with my IBM XT! Sweet sassy molassey, I’ve got 7MB of data that is getting some sweet new digs.


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