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Is Digg lowering its standards?

Is Digg lowering its standards for how many votes are necessary for a story to hit the front page? Currently, the top two stories at Digg have 19 and 31 votes and were submitted 6 and 25 hours ago, respectively.

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Is it just me, or did stories not too long ago need closer to 50 or 60 diggs to be promoted? I know that I’ve seen several stories get between 40 and 50 votes in less than a day and not hit the homepage. Perhaps this lower standard is an attempt to have a more diverse cross-section of news reach the homepage, in reaction to recent criticism that Digg’s content is becoming irrelevant to a general (read: non-geek) audience.


5 comments on “Is Digg lowering its standards?

  1. I think they don’t have enough momentum with the recent departure of top users and all the ways they abuse their most passionate supporters. The only way out is to lower standards.

  2. Much like the Google algorithm, the Digg algorithm is a lot more complex than people think it is.

    Whether or not a digg is from a friend is factored in, as well as when your friends digg.

    I’m also getting the impression that it’s factoring in what page it’s being dugg from (the sidebar of upcoming, the upcoming main section, the upcoming of that category, etc) and factoring that in.

    I don’t think they’re lowering their standards. There is no magic number of diggs a site has to hit before being promoted. Quality of diggs factors in just as much as quantity until it hits the front page.

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