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Digg’s 100% Club

Everybody knows that Kevin Rose has a perfect 1:1 ratio of Digg submissions to frontpage stories, but what other Diggers belong to this exclusive 100% club? The following Digg users submit popular stories with pinpoint accuracy, and like the best military snipers, they never miss.

User # of submissions
kevinrose 216
cmptrge3k 5
Diggnation 4
poshsuicide 5
saguratus 4
rebal 3
drackett 3
Jolene 3
fcuk 3
bobbybobington 3
reidman 3
lolhax 4
Bryan 2
leolaporte 2
Mygly 2
Sujay 2
akamia123 2
callsan 2
K3V2 2
Norseman 2
whiterabbit 2
dvshadow 2
evilgold 2
mallawaani 2
rpeterclark 2
shoemoney 2
SteveCUBE 2
Axolotl 2
sinistrad 2
ch3zyp00fs 2
AlphaToxic 2
puppeteer 2
maczag 2
slimat420 2
thenoise 2
rickcarson 2
kijiro 2
mspice 2
mournsanity 2
informant 2
aolhome23 2
RandomEngy 2
evil1337 2
User # of submissions
jimmajamma 2
NickHodges 2
netcrusher88 2
edwardscherf 2
bg86 2
fydo 2
Pirsqed 2
nuttzy 2
Hazardc 2
wtf242 2
nawckz 2
ColleenDoran 2
LouJrz 2
alteredbeast 2
racarrberyl 4
ambermac 1
danimal 1
replica 1
grtek 1
tsocx 1
ellingswin 1
alexw 1
neooptik 1
sneak 1
Adam0431 1
suMMx 1
cr4sh 1
nikorc 1
mercano 1
Goatweed 1
Twelve-60 1
zybch 1
cky3 1
bentoman 1
swoosh_bnd 1
kf_man 1
marymaier 1
eseiat 1
AaronD12 1
felz 1
next 1
xzeromark 1
jsco 1

Besides Kevin Rose, you might also recognize Leo Laporte, Diggnation, and one of the Suicide Girls.

Note of interest: for a while, Kevin did not actually have a 100% popularity ratio, with only 215 of his 216 submissions being shown as having made the frontpage, but his profile was recently modified to show all of his submitted stories as having been popular.

If you are interested in who the top Diggers are in terms of total frontpage stories, that list is available here.


10 comments on “Digg’s 100% Club

  1. This ain’t interesting! What is the point if you submitted just 5 stories and got there. What is the fun when you have not even submitted 10 stories. Kevin is a different story altogether and you don’t need to think of that; it won’t be fair to other diggers if you bring in Kevin to the competition.

  2. Before Digg removed the top diggers page I cobbled together a short article that touched briefly on what you show here.

    Digg and the myth of the top digger

    What I found, by sorting the list by popularity ratio, was that the only ‘top digger’ to have a high ration was webtickle at 74%.

    For a while, Poshsuicide had a 120% ratio showing 4 stories submitted but 5 promoted to the homepage.

  3. Runaway says:

    Some scary judicious comment moderating going on here. It’s one thing to ax comments with irrelevant vulgarity, it’s another to ax comments that don’t agree with you.

    That’s why this post has only 8 comments, and that’s why this blog will soon be “People Used to Read This Blog Too.”

  4. Runaway: I’m not sure what you’re talking about; I’ve only deleted two comments – one that was profanity and insults and one that was just a blogger spamming with links to his blog.

    If you posted something else and it didn’t show up, something went wrong with the submission.

  5. Robert says:

    It would be cool if you could create the same daily update on buried stories. An overview would be just who performs the most burials, but the underlying data would also be very interesting: Who buried it, reason, article title, and URL from the site submitted.

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