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Where are Digg’s new features?

On November 9, Wired Blogs ran an article “quoting” Digg founder Kevin Rose as saying that 20 new features would be added to Digg over the next month. (I say “quoting” because the phrase was not actually in quotes, but it can be deduced that Kevin said or implied it at some point during the interview.) That was 32 days ago, so let’s do an overview of the improvements we’ve seen to Digg since then:

Uh… hmm… er…

That’s right – despite boasting of nearly two dozen new features to come, not a single one has been introduced. This brings a few questions to mind: where are they? What are they? Maybe the most important question of all is “Are they?” (as in “Do they actually exist?”).

If Digg actually had 20 new features due to be released by December 10 and none of them made it, they need to take a serious look at their development cycle. Heck, even Netscape released more features for Digg in that timeframe than Digg did.


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