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Today we released two Firefox extensions that hook into the Sitemail Notifier extension and the Friends’ Activity Sidebar. We hope that these extensions will allow you to get even more value out of Netscape. Both extensions are compatible with Firefox 1.5 through 2.0.0.* as well as the latest release of Flock.

Sitemail Notifier

The Sitemail Notifier extension adds a button (shown below) to your toolbar that indicates when you have new sitemail messages at Clicking the button will bring you to your messages page.

Sitemail Button States
Figure 1: The two main states of the sitemail button.

Friends’ Activity Sidebar

The Friends’ Activity Sidebar (FAS) extension helps you keep tabs on what stories your Netscape friends are submitting and commenting on. A new toolbar button (shown below) features Chad, the older, more mature brother of AOL’s little yellow chat mascot. When there is new activity by your friends (i.e., a new comment or a new story submission), the button will be activated and Chad will send a friendly wave your way. Clicking on the activated button will open a list of your friends’ activity in the sidebar, allowing you to easily browse their stories and comments. Each time you view your friends’ activity, you will only be shown activity that is new since the last time you opened the sidebar.

Sitemail Button States
Figure 2: The two main states of the FAS button.

Note: The sidebar limits activity to five stories/comments for each friend. To view more of a friend’s recent activity, click on their avatar or username to be sent to that friend’s profile.

Shot of the Friends' Activity Sidebar
Figure 3: The Friends’ Activity Sidebar

Suggestions for future extensions or improvements on these extensions are most definitely welcome.


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