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  1. Eddy says:

    only few things missing but still a great gadget non the less. Other than that I believe that that this RSS Ticker Is pretty close to perfect.

    1)I think it should have the option to let you chose the color of the read and unread tickers instead of just “bold font” (so they can better stand out).

    2) Option to set certain Feeds to automatically change status from unread to read, after a set number of times its been ticked/scrolled across the screen. Preferably independent by feeds and not global.

    3) A better integration with the already included RSS Reader in Firefox, so that when you mark a feed as read it also marks it as read in Firefox.

    I would really love to see at least the first 2 suggestion implemented in the future, the last suggestion I don’t think is as important as the fist 2.

  2. Problem with RSS Feed in WordPress.
    I have a subdomain that I installed wordpress for another blog site, but the subdomain site's rss feed points to my parent site.
    Can anyone come up with any suggestions?

  3. It is the best Ad-on I could ever have installed, I have been trying to use RSS but I just couldn’t be bothered on checking my Live bookmarks. The Ticker is there! Always. I wish you could create a Desktop blend version of it, I would even be willing to pay for!

    I agree with Eddy especially on Item 3.

    I think this would resolve the problem that the ticker has of bringing back old news. If I Mark Feed as read, next time I open the Browser it will bring back the whole feed (not only the new items on it).


  4. hi,

    using your ticker 1.8.10 with FF
    its great besides one bug.
    if i check all feeds as read and then restart firefox, same feeds apear again.

    any suggestion?

  5. brady says:

    Great, great extension. As someone has mentioned – being able to have multiple tickers would be a god-send….and color coding different feeds would be great. The best addition though would be a quick (shortcut? right-click?) way to mark feeds in the ticker as read!

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