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Shopping Made Easy

I don’t like to shop. So when I decided that I needed a bigger desk (and a new coffee table and some PC133 SDRAM – email me if you’ve got extra), I did what lazy shoppers do – I hit up CraigsList. It turns out that since I live within a half hour of a major metropolitan area, there are literally thousands of people e-begging me to buy their desks! It looked like my troubles were over.

Well, finding just the right desk is hard. I need something with lots of open space beneath for PC towers and whatnot, so desks with drawers are out. I also need lots of desktop area to rest my enormous forearms while I type, so regular puny-human sized desks are out too. It looked as if I would be browsing through the CraigsList listings forever, but when I noticed that you can subscribe to a CraigsList search via RSS feed, my task became a whole lot easier.

I subscribed to the RSS feed, and with RSS Ticker installed, new desks for sale scroll across the bottom of my screen within minutes of being posted. I imagine that this method would work with products other than desks, RAM, and coffee tables, but I can’t personally confirm it.


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  1. jason says:

    Try CraigSpy – it lets you search multiple keywords (including AND/NOT keyword features,) multiple locations, multiple categories, and it also searches for you while you’re away from the computer. I used it to find free and cheap stuff for my bachelor pad–also found a really nice Suzuki TS185 that was in amazing condition for only $50. The program is really fast and does a lot of work for you. is the website :)

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