Book Review: Scott Adams’s “Journey to Cubeville: A Dilbert Book”

This content of this post originally appeared in the “JNL” section of the Janesville Gazette.

Scott Adams’s newest book, “Journey to Cubeville,” combines well-told jokes with nicely done drawings from the life of Dilbert, the main character of the comic strip.

The strip tells the story of the life of Dilbert and his colleagues. Also included are Dogbert, the canine Network Administrator, and Catbert, the evil Human Relations director.

“Dilbert” is packed with humorous views on company staff meetings, the Internet, and annoying co-workers. Scott Adams must know a lot of annoying people to come up with all of the jokes about them.

The whole basis of this witty strip is pretty much that Dilbert is a pathetic engineer who can’t get a date, talks to his dog, and has an ignorant pointy-haired boss, but it makes for some funny jokes. “Dilbert” doesn’t contain too many detailed drawings, but they get the point across.

I’d just like to say one thing. I have no idea why Dilbert’s tie is curved up like that. It is never straight. It’s just hanging there. And what’s with his mouth? He doesn’t even have one!

Back to something important: A lot of people say that they don’t get the jokes in the strip. Most of the ones people do get have to do with bosses and co-workers, but some of them just don’t make any sense, such as the ones about the dinosaur who gives wedgies. I don’t get how they are funny. It someone can explain them to me, I’d like to hear it.

if you don’t want to go out and buy the book ($12.95), or you want to find out more about what the strip is about, you can read Adams’ humorous take on Dilbert’s life Monday through Saturday right here in The Janesville Gazette.


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