Music Review: Metallica’s “Reload”

This content of this post originally appeared in the “JNL” section of the Janesville Gazette.

Metallica’s newest CD, “Reload,” which is a continuation of its last CD, “Load,” has lots of first-rate music to listen to. It gives their fans more of their well-known music. Using a fast tempo in the majority of the songs on this album, it has an addicting beat and enticing melodies.

“Fuel” is a song using a speedy tempo, and the singer’s voice is deep and rough, like he is yelling. It has some great guitar and drum solos, being one of the best tracks on the CD.

“Devil’s Dance” uses a slower rhythm, and has a depressing sound to it. The lyrics add more and more to the overall glum sound of the song. Again, it has a very enthralling melody.

“Better Than You” is a song that, to me, has some senseless lyrics. Some people prefer this, but I’d rather that the song made sense. The words are repetitious, about some guy that is trying to be superior, hence the lyrics “better than you.”

“Carpe Diem Baby” (which happens to be Latin for “Seize the Day, Baby”) is a song which is similar in the melody and beat to “Better Than You,” but its lyrics actually make sense.

The songs on this album are very similar to the songs on the last one, “Load.” There is not much profanity, which is one thing that many bands seem to use too much of. The beat and melody does not vary too much from song to song, which is a low point of the album. But it is some of the better music that I have heard in a while that is actually worth listening to.

The quick, speedy songs on this CD are sure to please whoever would be interested in this CD even remotely. It is some quality music-maybe not according to some adults I know, but to the younger generation, it provides some great music.


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