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  1. It seems smart enough to manage the character counter to know to reduce any long URL to the shortener’s equivalent length. So simply pasting a long URL will show the character length countdown as 119 (maybe off by one, but fine). That’s a great feature! I notice that the counter is *not* smart enough to recognize ” –post” on the end so if you’re using that method to post

    **you’ll need to remember to not worry about your length limit until the indicator says “-7″**.

    I don’t think this will be too easy to fix; maybe logic is “if at EOL and last current token starts with — then stop counting towards count.” Anyway, not a big deal but does need to be remembered by those of us who regularly hit the 140 mark. Thanks for a great tool!

  2. hey there. one thing if you can do. When there is only one account use. Jut allow it to post directly rather than prompting or letting me write my big @username.
    else its awesome

    Thank you

  3. Would it be possible in a future update, to have a box pop up when tweeting a URL, allowing you to view and edit the tweet before sending it to twitter?

    Thanks for the great add-on :)

  4. @alexzetapaul says:

    I get this message

    WINDOWS XP PRO SP3, Firefox 3.6.13,

    TwitterBar ha encontrado un error (401):

    Failed to validate oauth signature and token

  5. Could there be an option to only shorten links if the message is too long? I like to post the original link if it will fit and this isn’t too much ask (plus I really wonder about all these url shorteners… do the links ever expire? over time, they’ll just get longer and longer if they don’t purge or recognize when the same link was already used… try it. You can get as many different links to the same page with any service… they don’t recognize that they already have a link for _____ website).

  6. Hi,

    I have three Twitter acoounts. Everytime when I try to connect with twitter I get the following message :

    {“request”:”\/statuses\/update.json”,”error”:”Could not authenticate with OAuth.”

    Ofcourse I have these three accounts installed in TwitterBar. I can see this. I get the opportunity to select the specific account making the connection with one of these three accounts.

    Please can you help me?


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