OPML Support for Firefox

Due to the upcoming deprecation of XUL-based add-ons, I am stopping development and support for this add-on. E-mail me if you’d to take over development.

OPML Support is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox Web browser that adds OPML import/export functionality to the Firefox Bookmarks manager. OPML is a file type that is widely used to distribute lists of RSS/newsfeeds.

When exporting, you can choose to export your livemarks (feeds), bookmarks, or both. When importing a file, you can choose to import only the livemarks, only the bookmarks, or all of the links listed in the file. You can also choose whether to import/export links in their folder hierarchy.


If you’re having trouble with the extension or would like to see a new feature added, you can contact me (@cfinke) on Twitter or e-mail me at cfinke@gmail.com.

Note: watch the OPML Support section of my blog for information on updates to this extension.

73 thoughts on “OPML Support for Firefox

  1. Edwin says:

    Import does not seem to be able to handle file containing extremely large numbers of bookmarks, I have tried it in 2 different installs of Firefox running on PCLinuxOS (same computer, reinstalled OS twice though) and each time it hung without ever finishing the import, I tried cancelling and restarting a couple times with the same results every single time, it never once did finish importing. Seriously now, people reported this problem back in 2008 and it STILL hasn’t been fixed, WTF??

  2. Chris Barts says:

    This does not preserve tags: It seems to export them along with everything else, as I can see them in the generated file, but importing that file results in all of the tags being removed from the imported bookmarks.

    This extension would be absolutely perfect if it handled importing tags correctly.

  3. Is there a tutorial available that can help me with RSS feeds? I’m a new blogger and RSS is the last mountain I have to climb before I can call myself freelance. I know that most blog hosting sites (WordPress, Blogger) offer a plug-in for your blog, but I want to use RSS for my website. Any links/tips would be greatly appreciated.

  4. foreigner says:

    Using OPML Support 1.6 on FF 3.6.15.

    Using OPML as a backup tool for bookmarks, I have exported all bookmarks and imported all bookmarks; always preserving folder structure.

    I am very, very displeased to see that after a full import, all “date” attributes (added, modified) of all bookmarks were not maintained, but instead were set to contain the date-time at which the bookmarks were imported. Furthermore, the “visit date” field was blanked. For this reason — non-restoration of important data — I intend to seek an alternative tool.

    Like other users, I observed that OPML Support appears to be hung or not responding while taking an inordinately long time. I propose that a progress indicator be added to the application.

  5. Dave says:

    Hi, I just downloaded this app, but it doesn’t seem to work in the current version of Firefox… that, or I’m just not seeing where it is in the new configuration. There doesn’t seem to be a “Library” page anymore, and the “Organize” option doesn’t show up in any of the Bookmark dropdowns. Am I missing something, or is there a newer version I should be using?


  6. Regis says:

    I have used that addon for a long time and never had any problem. But now (newest version), if I export my bookmarks in an OPML file, I cannot import that file. It is says:
    “The OPML document you selected is not well-formed and cannot be imported”
    This is odd, any way to fix it? Should I take care of the accent (I am French and there is a lot of them)?

  7. Jim says:

    Just upgraded to Firefox 20 (Windows 8).
    OPML support missing.
    Removed OPML Support 1.6 and added OPML Support 2.
    Still don’t see OPML Support on Bookmarks Library page.

  8. Simon says:

    When is the new update going to show up in Firefox site? I’ve updated to FF20 and the addon doesn’t appear anymore.

  9. RO NILAI says:

    Importing OPML doesn’t work. When I press OK, ‚ÄúProcessing bookmarks…‚ÄĚ appears in the dialogue box then nothing else happens. Please advise.

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