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Mahalo Share Goes to 11

One of the latest things I’ve been working on at Mahalo is Mahalo Share. It’s a utility that automatically posts links that you want to share to 11 different services:, Facebook, Twitter, Jaiku, your Tumblr blog, Ma.gnolia, Faves, Pownce, Mahalo, StumbleUpon, and/or Google Bookmarks.

Mahalo Share dialog box

All of this cross-posting is done behind the scenes using various APIs, so there aren’t additional popup windows to fill out for each service. We’ll be adding more services as they’re requested.

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Mahalo Follow 3.0

We just rolled out Mahalo Follow 3.0, and the big new feature this time around is the ability to cross-post any links you recommend to Mahalo via the Follow toolbar between Twitter,, and Ma.gnolia. Just add your account info (process shown below), and after recommending a link for a Mahalo search term, your link will be auto-posted to whichever services you set up via the service’s API.

Follow 3.0’s Preferences Dialog

Notice that you can choose which services to cross-post to each time you recommend a link.

Example of Follow 3.0’s new feature

Follow 3.0 is compatible with Firefox 1.5 through 3.0 Beta 2 and Flock 1.0.*, and you can install it at the Mahalo Follow homepage.

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Twitter: What *are* people doing?

Twitter exists solely for people to answer the question “What are you doing?”, and its users have been answering that question thousands of times per day since it launched. In an effort to find out what exactly Twitter’s users are doing, I checked a sample of 500,000 tweets to see what the most common “-ing” verbs were. Listed below are my findings: the 101 most common actions and the number of times they appeared in the 500,000 messages.

Some interesting observations: “going” beats “coming”, “sitting” tops “standing”, “listening” outranks “talking”, “downloading” wins out over “uploading”, and in the feel-good story of the year, “loving” (#53) reigns supreme over “fighting” (#93).

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Don’t pay for Pownce; I’m giving it away for free

I just read that there are Pownce invites for sale on eBay (also covered here and here). Please don’t pay for something you can get for free from me.

Also, please don’t pay for something that you’ll most definitely be disappointed with five minutes after you sign up. In my experience, there’s nothing that you can do with Pownce that you couldn’t accomplish more easily with Twitter and YouSendIt.

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Kevin Rose’s new project: Pownce

Pownce Digg founder Kevin Rose’s “IM competitor” startup that was hyped on Digg two months ago has been introduced, and it appears to be a Twitter clone with support for posting files. It’s named Pownce, and it calls itself “a way to send messages, files, links, and events to your friends.”

It’s invite-only right now (I’m on the waiting list), so there’s not much information available about the app. Leah Culver (Pownce developer) has blogged about Pownce here, but doesn’t really add any information not on Pownce’s about page. (Viewing her Pownce profile page does give some insight into how the service may work.) As is standard operating procedure with Web 2.0 startups, there’s a Pownce blog (currently content-less save for the requisite Hello World post), which I’m sure will be the best place to watch for updates on Pownce’s progress.

It will be interesting to see what becomes of this site; it’s got a big advantage over any random startup since it will undoubtedly be splashed all over Digg due to Kevin’s involvement, but we’ll see if it’s able to make the jump from being popular with Digg fanboys to being popular with the average Web user.

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Twits Like Me

Everybody and their mother has written a Twitter-based app, but I haven’t seen any so far that try and help you find other Twitterers that you’d find interesting, so I made one.

It’s called “Twits Like Me” – just enter your Twitter screenname in the search box, and the Twits Like Me search engine will try and find other users that Twitter about the same things that you do. I’ve found that at least a few of the ten users it returns are interesting enough that I’ll start following them, but it is still in its infancy, so your satisfaction may vary.

Twits Like Me

Twits Like Me is constantly updating its search index, so the results should become more relevant over time. (You can get information on updates to Twits Like Me by subscribing to the Twits Like Me RSS feed or the main RSS feed for my blog.)

Oh, and thanks to the guys at Twitterholic for unknowingly providing a design. ;-)