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Fun facts about Wyoming

I dropped some knowledge on the Techcrunch audience today by listing these interesting facts about Wyoming in the comments of a post about regional searching habits: (These are all completely true.)

  • No state touches more other states than Wyoming.
  • Wyoming is the #1 exporter of “Montana Sucks” refrigerator magnets.
  • “Wyoming” is Native American slang for “Almost square.”
  • You can buy Wyoming-shaped cookie cutters in almost any cooking store. It is the most popular state shape for cookie cutters, second only to West Virginia.
  • When you enter Wyoming, you are given a complimentary mug. True story.
  • Wyoming was originally going to be named West Dakota.
  • Wyoming is the only state with the constitutional right to egg Colorado.
  • All of the street signs in Wyoming are printed in both English and American Sign Language.
  • The second W in WWW actually stands for Wyoming.
  • The Wyoming governor is legally obligated to pose with you for a picture if you ask politely.
  • Wyoming residents are known as “Yom-ers.”
  • Wyoming was briefly owned by Canada for a time in 1973 during the ill fated “Foreign-Exchange Territory” program. (We traded it for the Yukon.)
  • The biggest city in Wyoming is smaller than the smallest city in California.
  • Yellowstone National Park was originally contained entirely in Wyoming. The reason it now lies partially in Montana and Idaho is because it is slowly trying to escape.
  • License plates are optional in Wyoming. Trailer hitches, however, are not.
  • When you fly over Wyoming, you will notice that they have built their highways in an argyle pattern.
  • Wyoming is tied with New York and New Jersey for most y’s in its name.
  • The Wyoming Constitution was written in three languages: English, French, and Jive.
  • Out of all of the states, Wyoming is one of them.
  • Wyoming has more bronco-related festivals than any other state.
  • Residents of Wyoming are 14% more likely to have tried beef jerky than the average American.

What do you know about Wyoming? Feel free to share in the comments.

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Techcrunch’s credible sources

So Techcrunch used Fake Steve Jobs as their primary source for saying that PodTech is going out of business; do they realize how irresponsible that is? Robert Scoble does.

Duncan Riley’s justification:

“We didn’t run it first or second or even third, I sat on it for a couple of hours. Problem was (and is) if we didn’t run it and it turned out to be true later we would have missed covering it.” #

Anything to get the scoop, I guess…