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New Job

Three years ago, I blogged about a new resume-hosting site called Emurse.com that got me an interview (and a job) at AOL-owned Netscape. Well, things have a funny way of working out, and after leaving AOL to work with an incredible development team at Mahalo, I’ve left Mahalo to lead development of now AOL-owned Emurse.

It’s great to be working with Andy Fraley again, who designed the look and feel of the Netscape Navigator 9 browser, and is now in the designer’s seat at Emurse. We’ve got some exciting new features planned for the next generation of online resumes, all of which will, of course, be documented here.

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Spellin’ It Out

Actual transcript of one side of a phonecall I just received:

“So, Chris, I heard you got a new job! Congratulations! Say, my son is looking for a job, and Sally said that you used some resume website. Do you have the name of that site?… murse.com?… dmerse?… d?… Immerse.com? Oh, e… m… …as in umbrella, right… r… s… e… Ok, emurse.com.”

Word of mouth advertising is great, but there’s got to be an easier way…

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Why not?

Sixteen days ago, I read a blurb about a new resume hosting site called emurse.com. Being the early adopter that I am (except when adopting a blog, apparently), I signed up to make sure that I could get my preferred username; there are a lot of C. Finkes out there vying for the obvious six-character login.

So I input my information, and promptly bookmarked the statistics page to observe my imminent rise to the top (which, thanks to a digg post, actually happened). Later that evening, I mentioned to my wife my brand-spankin-new resume website. She asked, “Why would you do that? You’re not looking for a new job.” My response was (as it often is), “Why not?”

Fast-forward 5 minutes (an unnecessary fast-forward, perhaps), and my GMail account is boasting that beautiful “(1)” in the title bar that lets me know that I’m not alone in this dark dark world. It turns out that while my wife was questioning my use of online time, Alex Rudloff (emurse.com creator and Netscape developer) had seen my resume and thought that maybe I might be interested in applying for an open software development position at Netscape. And maybe I was. I mean, I was.

So one “Why not?” and sixteen days has brought me to a new job, for which I’m very excited. I’ll be part of a team working on the new Netscape.com, and eventually, Netscape browser-related stuff. Working for and by myself was nice, but then again, human contact is nice too.