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TwitterBar is a winner!

Update: TwitterBar for Firefox was sold to HootSuite and renamed HootBar in March of 2011. TwitterBar for Chrome was discontinued in October of 2012.

(And so are you, for using it!)

It was announced today that TwitterBar is one of the ten winners of the Mozilla Mobile Add-on Challenge:

“After reviewing a multitude of submissions and much debate around many worthy contenders, the judges from the AMO and Mobile teams have chosen ten (10) of the best (innovative, useful, compatible) Firefox mobile add-ons. We’re very pleased to announce our winners (and thrilled to start using their add-ons soon) and award them each with a brand new Nokia N900.”

I was really pleased with how the mobile version of TwitterBar turned out; I slimmed down the interface (which was already pretty slim), and I found a great Twitter bird icon that I modified to allow TwitterBar to have its own branding separate from Twitter:

I’m planning on eventually using this same icon in the Firefox version of TwitterBar too so that there’s consistent branding across the Mobile, Firefox, and Chrome versions of TwitterBar. What do you think?

Contest, Mahalo, NewsRadio iPhone Contest: NewsRadio

Here is my third entry for the iPhone Contest: NewsRadio.

When contests allow you to enter as many times as you want, I usually take that as a challenge. When I was 14, I filled out over 100 entry forms just to win a 12-pack of Coke and a pizza at the Rock County Fair because there was no rule prohibiting multiple entries. (And I won. Victory never tastes as good as when it comes with 144 ounces of soda.) After that, they changed the rules to “one entry per person” (also known as the “Finke provision.”)