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Our 2013 Christmas Letter

Another year, another single sheet of paper summing it up. Let’s get this over with.

In January, we went on a weeklong trip to Hawaii. I know what you’re thinking — “Hawaii in January? Soooo cliché!” I know, but our place in St. Bart’s was getting its ceilings re-gilded.

In February, we refinanced our mortgage again. It’s a pretty interesting story really, much too long to fit in this letter, but we got a great rate reduction under the terms of the HARP program, reducing our yearly interest rate from 5.5% down to WAIT WAIT DON’T STOP READING I’LL STOP TALKING ABOUT MORTGAGES.

Christina left her job at GE in March to pursue other opportunities, like not working. Unfortunately, it turns out that being at home with the kids all day does not fit the definition of “not working.”

We found out this year that Gideon is allergic to dogs, our cat Sancho, dairy, eggs, and peanut butter, so we made the tough decision to give him up for adoption. We can’t have someone like that cramping our style!

At the end of April, Christina’s dad unexpectedly passed away in part due to esophageal cancer. No jokes in this paragraph; we miss Doug.

The month of May saw us pack up our car and take a 3,000 mile road trip through the Appalachian mountains and the Cotton Belt. We did see some Appalachian mountains but, sadly, no cotton belts.

Gabriel participated in a sports camp in July. Oh, did I say participated? I meant “participated.” j/k, LOL. He did have fun and is planning on doing a football camp in January. Hopefully next year’s letter will not mention any sort of youth concussion study.

(In case it was not clear, the “him” that we gave up for adoption four paragraphs ago was our cat Sancho, not our son Gideon. That would be ridiculous! Who could say goodbye to that cute widdle face?? Sancho’s widdle face, on the other hand, is very goodbye-sayable-to.)

In August, we didn’t have a baby.

In September, we did have a baby! (Well, Christina had a baby. But I helped!) Gloria Abigail Finke missed an August birthday by four hours (and her due date by two weeks), and I don’t think we could have waited any longer. (We literally could not have waited any longer; the doctors wouldn’t have let us.)

By November, Gloria had had enough of us and needed a vacation, so she flew to Oregon to visit her best friend Jackson. Christina tagged along and visited her friend Leah, who happens to live in the same state, city, neighborhood, and house as Jackson. WHAT ARE THE ODDS

Christina is teaching Gabriel to read, but I like to think that we’re all learning a little something. Well, except Gloria. And Gideon. And me. And maybe Christina. So just Gabriel then.

Until next year’s letter,

The Finke Family


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