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Our 2012 Christmas Letter


Blah blah blah introduction. Let’s get down to business.

In January, I took a trip to New York City to meet my co-workers for the first time, and Christina used the opportunity to jet to Oregon with Gideon to visit a friend. I’m not sure what Gabriel did while we were gone; you’ll have to read his Christmas letter to find out.

This spring, I threw myself into the political process and was elected as a delegate at the precinct, county, and state level for Ron Paul. The political process promptly threw me back, choosing to support Mitt Romney instead. By the time this letter reaches you, I’ll have either been proven wrong or revealed as a wise soothsayer that the country should have heeded. My money is on the sooth.

In March, we got new windows put on our house. They look nice, but the process was a pane.

Christina held a garage sale in April, and boy were her arms tired! Because it would be hard to hold a garage sale in your arms! Because it would be heavy! LOL!

In May, I took another “work” trip, this time to Vegas. Unfortunately for you, I am contractually obligated by the city of Las Vegas to ensure that what happened within the city limits of Las Vegas stays within the city limits of Las Vegas.

Get it? “Pane?” Because of windows!

Gabriel played his first team sport this year: three sessions of tee ball in June. In a startling display of segue, I also took him to his first professional sporting event later in the summer, to see the Twins with Grandpa and Jacob Finke. I didn’t plan it that way just so this letter would flow, but it definitely worked out. He enjoyed both tee ball and the Twins game equally, which is to say, little.

We did the annual family camping trip at the end of June. The weather was perfect, there were no bugs, and the kids slept for 10 hours each night. (Can you find the three lies in the previous sentence?)

August put me on an airplane again, this time to San Diego for an all-company meetup. (The meetup was in September; August was the name of the Delta airlines flight attendant.)

Gabriel started preschool in September. He also ended preschool in September. We decided his crying and refusal to attend each day were signs that he was too advanced for school. We’ll see if he’s still too advanced next year.

I should probably say something about Gideon.

I did the Paleo challenge for a month this year. If you’re not familiar, the Paleo diet involves eating only food that would have been eaten in caveman days; it’s supposed to make you healthier and hardier. Unfortunately, I didn’t look up the exact definition until it was too late, and I had spent a month eating bread, swiss cheese, potatoes, and milk — they’re pale, yo.

Christina spent a lot of time this year traveling back and forth to the Mayo Clinic with her dad while he was treated for esophageal cancer and subsequently underwent a gastrectomy. (Not Christina, her dad.) The surgery has changed him a little: he used to love steak, but now, he just doesn’t have the stomach for it.

This year, Gideon turned one year old, as children tend to do a year after they are born. (Next year, we are hoping that he will turn two, but we would settle for three.) He is a regular chatterbox; I stopped keeping track of his vocabulary once it hit 350 words. Speaking of which, did you know that it is possible to only know 350 words but never stop talking?

We bought a new car in October. Well, “new.” And “car.” And “October.” Okay, we bought a used SUV in November.

Merry Christmas,

Chris, Christina, Gabriel, and Gideon


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