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Our 2011 Christmas Letter

Dear close personal friend or requisite family member,

It’s been a banner year for the Finke household. (By which I mean: Christina took up banner making as a hobby and graced each of our family milestones with an ornate commemorative pennant.) Here’s a rundown of those banner-worthy occasions:

In January, Christina and I took a trip to Palo Alto, CA and then drove up the West Coast to see our friend Leah and her husband Jacob in Oregon. Highlights of the trip included eating at our first Vietnamese restaurant, seeing the Stanford campus, and not being in Minnesota in January.

In February, Gabriel had his first bloody nose. It looked bad, but you should have seen the other guy! (The other guy was a stepstool.)

Alternate version of the previous paragraph: In February, Gabriel got his first bloody nose by hitting his face on a stool. Better than getting your first bloody stool by hitting your face on a nose, am I right??

In March, we bought a piano. You might recall that we already had a piano a few years ago; the difference between this one and that one is that this one was not free, and that one was free for a reason.

In April, our second son Henry Gideon was born. He weighed 8 lbs. 8 oz. and was 19½ inches long. He has since gotten heavier and taller, and he plans to continue on that path.

In May, Gabriel drank some cologne, and we had to call poison control. Fortunately, he didn’t drink enough to need medical attention, but his burps still smell like a summer breeze.

In June, we went camping with Christina’s family and friends. Christina had fun. Gabriel had fun. Gideon had fun. I had hot dogs.

In July, Christina held a garage sale that probably broke records for gross revenue. Why she was selling gross things I’ll never know!

August, a.k.a. September: nothing happened.

In October, Christina and Gideon went up north with some friends of Christina’s, leaving Gabriel and me home for our first Men’s Weekend. This is where I put a cliche about the house falling apart when Christina isn’t home for a few days.

In November, I accepted a job offer from a company called Automattic, which does something with computers and Internet I think? Christina is still working part-time at GE, doing things with numbers maybe?

In December, Gabriel accomplished the incredible feat of finishing potty training. Our potty can now sit, stay, roll over, and speak.

BONUS MAD LIBS PORTION: Gabriel picked up a few new skills this year, mainly playing guitar, drumming, and   verb  ing. He also thinks that   nouns   are really   adjective  !

Merry Christmas,
Chris, Christina, Gabriel, and Gideon


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