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Our 2010 Christmas Letter


Forward this Christmas letter to at least 10 friends in the next three days, and next year, you will receive 100,000 Christmas letters. IT REALY WORKS!

Last spring, we went on a Caribbean cruise with Christina’s family. We visited the tropical locales of the Cayman Islands, Cozumel, Honduras, and Belize; due to the air travel industry’s impeccable on-time record, we also got to experience the beauty and wonder that is the Philadelphia airport and Philadelphia airport Holiday Inn.

In March, Gabriel turned one year old, as children tend to do a year after they are born. (Next year, we are hoping that he will turn two, but we would settle for three.) He is a regular chatterbox; I stopped keeping track of his vocabulary once it hit 350 words. Speaking of which, did you know that it is possible to only know 350 words but never stop talking?

We bought a parcel of land near Hutchinson, MN. Wait, is it passel or parcel? We bought a passel of land? That doesn’t sound right. We bought a parcel of land. We’re just renting it to a farmer right now, but we have dreams of someday renting it to a farmer for much more money.

I visited Virginia and New York City for work, and I flew to Vancouver, Canada for a technical conference this summer. The highlights of the New York trip were eating real New York pizza and visiting the top of the Empire State Building; the highlight of the Canada trip was wandering through the Olympic Village from the 2010 Olympics; the highlight of the Virginia trip was… leaving Virginia.

This summer, we went camping again. Well, Christina and Gabriel went camping; I went to a mental happy place for four days while, I assume, my body went through the motions.

Christina is pregnant.

Since September, I have been working on remodeling our home office. We’ve added French doors, built-in desks, bookshelves, and cabinets; we’ve subtracted money from our bank account, time from my evenings and weekends, and any delusions I had of being more than simply competent with power tools.

October through December were completely uneventful, except for the fact that Gabriel learned to say fart.

Merry Christmas,

Chris, Christina, Gabriel, and Henry (est. April 2011)


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