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Our 2009 Christmas Letter

Why hello there. I didn’t hear you come in.

You may have heard that we had some excitement around here in late March, when we were finally able to experience the fruits of our “labor,” so to speak. That’s right, we re-financed our mortgage! We reset the 30-year clock that counts down our indentured servitude to Bank of America.

Also, we had a baby. Christina gave birth to a 7-pound, 11-ounce man named Henry, but we call him Gabriel for short. Now that I think about it, “Gabriel” isn’t any shorter than “Henry.” Why did Christina come up with that nickname in the first place?

In preparation for Gabriel’s arrival, we took a 12-week birthing class. Week #1 was all about pregnancy, labor, and placenta, and the rest of the course focused on the new vocabulary we would need as parents. Just this week, I’ve used several of the key phrases we learned: “That is not a toy”, “Take that out of your mouth”, and my personal favorite, “I’m begging you, please go to sleep.”

To quickly bring you up to speed on Gabriel’s development, here’s a handy timeline of his life. The “X” shows his current location:

    ^     ^     ^     ^      ^      ^       ^      ^      ^  
 crawls talks reads writes cures  ends   retires  buys  age 15                       
              first first  cancer world           the
              novel novel         hunger         Bahamas

As you can see, he has already completed 2 out of these 9 steps and is well on his way to fame and fortune. If you’d like day-to-day updates on Gabriel’s incredible progress, check out our family blog at

Our dog Pedro has had a banner year: In June, he smashed through the same screen door twice in one week. That is all.

We went camping again with Christina’s family this summer; Christina and Gabriel seemed to enjoy it, but next year, I’m making a few changes: a bigger tent, softer beds, and not going camping.

Much like how the geese fly south every winter, I migrated to a new job again this year. Now, instead of working on websites from home, I work on AOL websites from home.

Not content with both my job and my hobbies involving copious amounts of time on the computer, I decided to digitize my meals as well: I started a website called (“IRL” means “In Real Life” for those of you who are not hip like me and Christina and our BFF Jill.) I take pictures of the food I eat and then compare those pictures to the food’s packaging wow this sounds lame when I type it out.

In October, Christina switched jobs too, from a full-time job working with numbers to a part-time job where she gets to work with the other numbers. This has allowed her to spend more time at home with Gabriel; Gabriel was really happy about this, because his diaper was getting awfully full since Daddy last changed him in early September.

Christina wanted to add a paragraph here in her own words: “I don’t know why Chris can’t write a nice normal Christmas letter like everybody else. If anything he wrote sounds like it might not be true, he’s probably trying to be funny. I’m sorry.”

Merry Christmas,

Chris, Christina, and Henry


2 thoughts on “Our 2009 Christmas Letter

  1. Hi,
    Christina: Well I kind of like that style of humor. I can relate. My wife on the other hand couldn´t. I´ll call that : ..” the Caveman – syndrome..”

    For X-Mas letters: here in Germany its only what you can get on a postcard size page. Not so much information, more of: stay in touch and check my rolodex for timed out adresses.
    So I admire a “rich content” piece of Information. ;-)

    Happy new year and good luck for the three of you!

    Michael (Mickey) Maass

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