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Our 2008 Christmas Letter

Friends, family, and people we felt obligated to send a Christmas letter to because you sent us one last year,

First thing’s first: Some of you may have already heard that Christina is expecting… Expecting lots of presents at Christmas, that is! Seriously though, there’s a baby in her. It’s a boy named Henry, and he’s due to be born in March. If Christina tries to tell you that we’re not going to name him Henry, just smile and nod. Those are the crazy pregnancy hormones talking – Henry is obviously the perfect name.

In June, we finally sold our house in New Prague but then promptly made the mistake of buying another one. (“It’s the best time to buy,” I said. “Houses won’t get any cheaper,” I said. It wasn’t; they did.) Not content with making only one poor decision, we then invited Christina’s sister Laura and her new husband Chris to live with us until they found a place of their own. Both situations turned out for the best though; we really love our new house in Chanhassen, and Laura and Chris eventually (and I mean eventually) moved out.

We traveled a lot this year, hitting every US time zone except for Alaska’s. If you were in New York, Connecticut, Toronto, Colorado, Iowa, Oregon, San Francisco, LA, or Hawaii this year and you thought you recognized one of us, that might not have been senility setting in. (But it probably was. You should get that checked out.)

During Christina’s trip to San Francisco, she visited Alcatraz after driving through a tree. Don’t worry though, the two were not related – the hole was already in the tree when she got there.

We really enjoyed New York, where we saw the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and many other tourist cliches. However, we couldn’t find the big apple that everyone talks about. Maybe next time!

Hawaii was ok, if you’re a fan of relaxing tropical paradises, which we are, so win-win. Although, it turns out that pretty much everyone down there speaks English, so the 7-week course I took on the native Hawaiian language didn’t pay off like I had hoped. All I can say is mahalo aloha hula hula luau.

While on the Big Island, we took some time out from frolicking on beaches and playing with monkeys to visit Hawaii’s darker side. I mean that in the literal sense, of course – portions of Hawaii are covered in rocky black lava. We took a 90-minute hike across a dried lava field, and we learned something very interesting: basically, all lava looks the same, and 90 minutes to see it is 85 minutes too many.

And now, a sneak peek at next year’s letter: “So tired. Please help. Send reinforcements. Need sleep.”

Merry Christmas,

Chris and Christina Finke


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