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Mud-slinging for Diggs

Digg Headline: Repub Candidates Refuse YouTube

From the article:

“So far, only Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) and Rep. Ron Paul (Tex.) have agreed to participate in the debate. Formal invitations arrived at campaigns yesterday.

So the candidates have had invitations for a whole 12 hours and haven’t yet officially accepted? Stop the presses, this is front-page news!

Of course, the Digg comments are filled with anti-Republican rhetoric based solely on the headline, and it looks like Apokalyps2547 is the only commenter who may have read the linked article. (Of course, it’s such a non-story that I’m surprised it was published at all.) Methinks “RTFA” should be appended to the headline of any political Digg story by default.


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